Juanita (Netflix Movie) – Trailer Song

Juanita (Trailer Netflix) - Actress Alfre Woodard

Netflix has released the trailer for its upcoming film Juanita. Based on Sheila Williams’s book and directed by Clark Johnson from a screenplay by Roderick M. Spencer, the film revolves around Juanita (Alfre Woodard), a mother of three adult children who hits the road in search of a fresh start. She takes a bus to a place where she reinvents herself and decides to continue her solo road trip that proves to be a life-changing event.

The trailer reveals that Juanita is unappreciated and unfulfilled, and is ready for a change. Fed up with her irresponsible kids and thankless job, she embarks on a road trip that she wants to continue, even after meeting an apparently amazing man. “I like you, but I took this trip to be on my own and this is not my last stop,” she tells him at some point, as their relationship unfolds.

The song used in the trailer is the 2018 single “Can’t Stop This Fire” by Mama Haze, from her album “Honey”.
Juanita is available on Netflix starting March 8, 2019.

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