GEICO Groom on Motorcycle Singing Whitesnake Song Commercial

GEICO Commercial - Groom on Motorcycle

A groom day dreams about riding his motorcycle while saying his wedding wows in one of the latest GEICO ads.

The spot features the man speeding down a curvy road along the coast and singing Whitesnake’s 1982 power ballad “Here I Go Again”. As the spot goes on, it turns out he is actually singing the respective song in front of his bride, at the wedding. “You realize your wows are a Whitesnake song?” she asks him. “I do,” he replies.

“If you ride, you get it. GEICO Motorcycle. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more,” the voiceover says at the end of the commercial, which features Ted Jonas as the groom, Sarati as the bride and Robert Burns as the priest.

They are the latest names to join a growing roster of actors starring in ads for the insurance company. Christopher Chen also stars as a bowling master and a salsa dancer, Casey Campbell as a baseball fan who misses the opportunity to catch a foul ball, Jack Plotnick and Daniele O’Loughlin play a couple who turn their living room into a rain forest to reduce the stress of moving, David Anthony Hinton plays a nervous renter who covers his apartment in packing bubbles to keep everything protected, Daniel Roebuck plays Alexander Graham Bell as he rudely answers his phone in the middle of a show, Darren Richardson portrays the first heckler in recorded history, British actor Max Lloyd-Jones plays a knight teased by Richardson’s character. David Ebert made appearances in several ads, as well as Steve Talley, who played a space captain who lost the keys to his ship just when the galaxy needed him most.

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