E*TRADE Core Portfolios Brown Dog on Boat Commercial Song


E*TRADE Commercial - Dog on Boat

E*TRADE advertises its Core Portfolios as “an easy, automated way to get invested where we build, monitor, and manage your portfolio for you,” in a new commercial.

Titled “Cruise Control,” the 30-second spot features a brown dog steering a motorboat, while in the background George Clinton’s “Atomic Dog” is playing. An onscreen line is then urging viewers to set their investing to “cruise control” and “make E*TRADE first mate”. The voiceover informs that E*TRADE Core Portfolios is “an easy, automated way to get invested and that will save you time by building, monitoring and managing a portfolio for you and provide all-hands-on-deck support when you need it, helping you become top dog”.

A final onscreen line encourages viewers to sign up for Core Portfolios and pay no advisory fee for one year. This fee waiver offer, valid for new Core Portfolios accounts, ends April 15. For additional information about the advisory fee waiver, investment strategies, portfolio management and more, people are advised to visit the “Personalized investments” section on the company’s website.

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