Diesel Influencers Take Too Long to Undress Commercial Song – Feat. Elias Riadi (Be a Follower)

Diesel Influencers Take Too Long to Undress Commercial - Feat. Elias Riadi

Diesel has launched its Spring/Summer 2019 campaign, titled “Be a Follower,” with a series of spots aimed at highlighting that, sometimes, it’s easier to be a follower and live a normal life instead of being an influencer.

One of the spots, that illustrates how “Influencers take too long to undress,” features Instagram star and model Elias Riadi making out with a brunette and trying to undress her, but having some trouble with her lace-up heeled booties. As she does the same, they end up taking off lots of layers. Not the same thing happens with a different couple making out in a car. Wearing Diesel underwear, a denim jacket and a pair of jeans (all Diesel, of course), the girl easily gets rid of her clothes and enjoys the passionate moment with her boyfriend.

“Be a follower” an onscreen line reads at the end of the spot, which also sees the brand’s tagline, “Diesel – For Successful Living,” flashing across the screen.

The song used in the ad is Ricky Nelson’s 1963 single “I Will Follow You,” from the album “For Your Sweet Love.”
The brand has also enlisted other influencers, including Southern Californian creative director and model Jennifer Grace, beauty guru and founder of the KNC Beauty brand Kristen Noel Crawley, Japanese twin models and influencers Amixxa and Ayaxxa Miaya, and New York based stylist, model and art director who rose to fame as Bloody Osiris on Instagram, to star in the ironic campaign, which illustrates in humorous ways how influencers cannot travel light, have a hard time eating, spend a lot of time doing laundry, and can’t sneak out of parties.

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