Diesel Influencers Commercial Song – Japanese Twin Sisters Amixxa & Ayaxxa

Diesel Influencers Commercial - Feat. Japanese Twin Sisters Amixxa & Ayaxxa

Diesel encourages people to be followers in its Spring 2019 campaign, for which has brought in a host of Instagram stars and models.

The campaign, created in partnership with agency Publicis Italy and aimed at celebrating followers and their ordinary lives, rather than Instagram stars, includes several spots featuring Kristen Crawley, Tokyo-based twin sisters and models Amixxa and Ayaxxa Miaya, Elias Riadi, Bloody Osiris and Jennifer Grace.

Amixxa and Ayaxxa are the protagonists of a tongue-in-cheek video that shows how “influencers have a hard time eating” since they “have to” try first snap a photo of their meal before tasting it. The pink-haired siblings are seen trying to find the perfect lighting for an Instagram-worthy picture of their dish, in a restaurant, while in a different place a bunch of friends clad in Diesel denim outfits are seen enjoying street food and having fun together.

The soundtrack music is Ricky Nelson’s 1963 single “I Will Follow You,” from the album “For Your Sweet Love”.

Diesel said these celebrities are familiar enough with the brand to be self-ironic about the clichés and pitfalls of living an “Instagrammable” life.

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