California Lottery Monopoly Scratchers Commercial Song – Woman Following Little Dog

California Lottery Girl Commercial

California Lottery advertises its Monopoly Scratchers, which gives players the chance to win up to $1,000,000, in a new commercial, released with the tagline “Play For Real”.

The 60-second spot opens with a woman at a bus station as she begins to scratch a Monopoly Scratcher, but is interrupted by a little dog, who “asks” her with a bark to follow him. After seeing a “Go” sign on the street, above an arrow pointing in the same direction, she starts to walk behind the furry guide, crossing a street, passing by the headquarters of an electric company, by a red hotel, with a red carpet leading to the front door, by trains stopped in a railroad station, until she enters a stunning garden. There, the dog leads the way to a wooden green house by the sea, whose front door is open.

The soundtrack music is “Wishing Girl (Spada Edit)” by Israeli indie pop band Lola Marsh, from their debut album, “Remembers Roses,” released in June 2017.

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