Cacharel Yes I Am Pink First Fragrance Commercial Song – Feat. Izzy Bizu

Cacharel Yes I Am Pink First Fragrance Commercial - Feat. Izzy Bizu

Cacharel advertises its new Yes I Am fragrance, Yes I Am Pink First, in a new commercial featuring English singer-
songwriter Izzy Bizu.

Titled “I am not a Lipstick,” the spot features the 24-year-old artist hailing from South West London throwing a flanker of Yes I Am Pink First fragrance that is then passed on to several young women who say how they are. “I am strong,” “I am sweet,” “I am playful,” they say. “I am not a lipstick, I am the new fragrance,” a blonde model adds as the commercial ends.

Serving as soundtrack is the 2017 single “White Tiger (Cat Carpenters Remix)” by Izzy Bizu.

Described as “a new declaration of femininity under a POP prism,” Yes I Am Pink First is “for women who have the power to always see the positive side of life”. Its top notes include pear and raspberry, its heart notes include ginger flower, orange blossom and jasmine, and its base notes include ambrox and a spicy cremoso accord composed of warm milk, cardamom and pink sandalwood.

Coming in the brand’s signature lipstick-shaped bottle, the flanker, available in 30, 50 and 75ml sizes, features quilted smoky glass and a new flashy pink cap.

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