Butterfinger TV Commercial: Alien

Butterfinger TV Commercial - Alien

Ferrero-owned brand of candy bar Butterfinger has launched a new ad campaign to announce the improved recipe that turned the known Butterfinger into a “better Butterfinger”.

The TV spot introduces an irreverent character in the Butterfinger alien as “a fun and entertaining way to embody the personality of the brand”. When a woman gives her friend a “better Butterfinger,” the alien, asleep in a secret lab in the desert, opens his eyes and embarks on a speedy road trip to the city, to get the candy bar. “Nobody lays a finger on my better Butterfinger,” he says after stealing, with his extraterrestrial power, the sweet treat from the guy’s hands.

The song used in the ad is “Rumble and Sway,” a song by the British singer-songwriter Jamie N Commons, from his 2016 “Rumble and Sway” EP.

This is the first time in more than a decade the crunchy candy bar, which has been around since 1923, is changing its recipe. According to a press release, the new bars will feature “a higher quality chocolate coating with more milk and cocoa for a richer and creamier taste,” and carefully-selected U.S. grown peanuts.

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