Goats in a Tree Commercial Song – Live Curious Giraffe Commercial encourages people to “Live Curious” in one of its latest ads, part of the travel booking site’s newest campaign.

“With endless possibilities around the world, you won’t believe what you’ll find,” the voiceover says on the 30-second commercial, which features travelers sleeping in a bubble, seeing goats in a tree, having their face licked by a giraffe that ducks its head into the window, witnessing mysterious dancing, enjoying a bus ride among passengers that wear strange costumes, and riding a motorcycle through a local market.

“Live Curious,” a wooden llama sold as a souvenir at a local market says at the end of the commercial, which also sees the lines “ Hotels. Homes. Car Rentals. Experiences.” flashing across the screen.

The soundtrack music is “Warni Warni” by Syrian singer Omar Souleyman (who’s also a farmer from the village of Tell Tamer near the city of Ra’s al-‘Ayn, in the northeastern region of Syria), from his 2013 album, “Wenu Wenu”.

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