Audi e-tron Man Coughing Up Cashew Nut Super Bowl Commercial Song

Audi e-tron Super Bowl Commercial

Audi showcases its all-electric e-tron SUV in a new commercial, announcing that one third of all new Audi models will be electrified by 2025.

The spot, which is the automaker’s Super Bowl LIII commercial, from agency Venables Bell & Partners, opens with a man reuniting with his grandfather, who shows him in the garage of his childhood home the new all-electric Audi e-tron GT. As he gets in the car, ready to take it for a test drive, something happens. He is brought back to reality, at the office, by a co-worker who it turns out saved his life after he had choked on a cashew. “You’re one lucky man. I was worried about you for a minute,” the colleague tells him as witnesses to the event applause. The look on the man’s face is very meaningful as he was obviously eager to take the e-tron for a ride.

The commercial, which ends with the onscreen lines “A thrilling future awaits. On Earth. One third of all new Audi models will be electrified by 2025” and sees other two cars (from the e-tron line-up, most probably) lighting up underneath their covers, in the garage, features Norman Greenbaum’s 1969 single “Spirit In The Sky”.

This year, the Super Bowl, which will see the Los Angeles Rams and New England Patriots facing off, will take place on Sunday, February 3rd, and will be televised by CBS and streamed on and on the CBS Sports App.

Audi’s commercial will air during the second quarter.

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