Apple Depth Control on iPhone XS and XR Asian Woman Commercial Song – The Backdrop

Apple iPhone XS and XR Commercial - Asian Girl

Apple showcases the Depth Control on the iPhone XS and iPhone XR in a new commercial, highlighting that this feature allows you to adjust the depth of field to get the perfect amount of blur and turns any background into a beautiful backdrop.

Titled “The Backdrop,” the 30-second ad opens with a rat running on a scaffold and goes on with construction workers around the respective scaffold and people as they head in different directions. The background noises include bottles rattling, welding sounds, an argument between a man and a taxi driver, baby crying, bicycle bell rings, and cars honking.

However, the background soon turns into a beautiful big city backdrop as a woman uses the Depth Control feature to take a photo of her friend.

The song used in the ad is “Tui” by FKJ, included on the 2018 album “.Wave, Vol. 2”.

The Depth Control lets users adjust the background blur after they take the photo. The feature, available in Portrait Mode, blurs the background of a photo so that the sharp subject (usually a person) stands out against it. It uses the iPhone’s two cameras to create a 3D depth-map and allows users to adjust the amount of blur when they’re editing a photo, using a slider. To edit a photo with Depth Control, users must open up the Photos app and tap Edit at the top right corner of the screen. The new Depth Control slider appears below the photo or to the side, depending on how the iPhone is held.

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