Tesco 100 Years Advert Song – Prices That Take You Back

Tesco 100 Years Advert Actress

This month, Tesco is celebrating one hundred years of great value with hundreds of prices that take you back.

The retailer showcases, in a new ad, some of its top centenary offers, which are on a variety of products, from Heinz Beans & Hoops, now reduced from 75p to 50, to cheese, pizza, fish fingers, Magnum ice cream, and many more.

The 30-second spot, set in a Tesco store, features customers from different decades of the past century, while in the background the 1978 single “September” by the American funk band Earth, Wind & Fire, from their ninth studio album, “I Am,” is playing.

“Prices that take you back. Celebrating 100 years of great value this month, at Tesco,” the voiceover says at the end of the advert.

Tesco was started by in 1919 by Jack Cohen, who opened the first Tesco grocery store in 1931 near London, England. His business grew very quickly and, by 1939, there were 100 Tesco stores. If, at first, the retailer only sold food in its stores, in the 1990s it began to sell other things like clothing, books, mobile phones, DVDs and videos. It now also operates petrol stations, banks, and is an Internet service provider in the UK since 2012.

Today, Tesco is the third-largest retailer in the world when measured by profit and the fifth-largest by revenue.

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