Secret Outlast Sweat & Odor Deodorant Commercial Music – All Strength, No Sweat

Secret Deodorant celebrates women who embody courage and hustle in its latest campaign, titled “All Strength, No Sweat,” which promotes the Outlast Sweat & Odor deodorant.

One of the spots, titled “Women’s World,” features several “strong, sophisticated ladies killing it in their lives without settling,” as the brand describes them. Users of Secret Outlast Sweat & Odor deodorant, they are able thus to perform at their highest standards, in the toughest conditions, without sweating. A woman wearing a two-piece blue suit in a conference room full of men, an artist with her guitar strutting down the city streets in the company of her crew, a blonde choreographer, a Black model during a photo shoot, a chef who finishes a dish by squeezing half a lemon on top of it, a factory worker, and a craft store owner are the protagonists. “I don’t sweat the boardroom,” “I don’t sweat a sold-out crowd,” “I don’t sweat the choreography,” “I don’t sweat the haters,” “I don’t sweat the critics,” “I don’t sweat the stereotypes,” “I don’t sweat the tough clients,” onscreen lines read throughout the spot as the above mentioned ladies are featured.

The ad also informs that this deodorant “outlasts sweat better” and concludes with the same text, which also serves as tagline.

The song playing in the background, “All Strength, No Sweat,” has been produced for the ad.

Secret Outlast gives you 48 hour odor protection, according to the brand manufactured by Procter & Gamble, whose Outlast collection also includes Outlast XTEND Clear Gel, available in nine scents, XTEND Invisible Solid, available in eight scents, and Outlast & Olay Soft Solid, available in two scents.