Samsung Defy Barriers Commercial Song

Samsung Defy Barriers Commercial - Fireman

Samsung continues its “Do What You Can’t” campaign with a new installment, aimed at encouraging people to defy all odds and reach their personal goals.

“At Samsung we create human driven technologies and initiatives that help people overcome barriers so they can progress and reach their personal goals. Whatever your barriers are, Samsung will help you defy them so you can do what you can’t,” the tech giant states.

The 60-second spot opens with portraits of dozens of different people from across the world and delivers an empowering message through onscreen lines, which also illustrate the company’s belief, such as “Defy Convention,” “Defy Poverty,” “Defy Disability,” “Defy Norms,” “Defy Fear,” “Defy Destruction,” “Defy Labels”…”Defy Ignorance” “Defy Prejudice” “Defy Illiteracy” “Defy Preconceptions” “Defy Judgement” “Defy Bias” “Defy Geography,” “Defy Hate” “Defy Exclusion”.

A Muslim woman practicing box, a boy living in a third-world country showing off his dance skills, disabled athletes, women doing “men’s jobs”, members of the LGBT community marching for their rights, and many more are featured. Finally, an onscreen line reads “When the world puts barriers in your way, we’ll help you defy them”.

The soundtrack music is the 2017 single “Watch Me” by American rapper and actor Jaden Smith, the son of Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith, from his debut studio album, “Syre”.

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