PENNY Organic Food For All Commercial Song

PENNY Organic Food Commercial - Nena

PENNY and Serviceplan have launched a new integrated campaign with German musician Nena for their own brand “Naturgut”. Under the slogan “Organic Food for all”, the marketing effort is intended to raise awareness of natural nutrition.

The supermarket chain has released a wonder-filled commercial fronted by Nena, who arrives by train, led by a small hummingbird (the bird from the Naturgut logo) in a fantastical city, where streets, buildings and apartment blocks are filled with plants and flowers and people are all having organic food at hand – in their balcony, on their terrace, where they garden carrots and other vegetables.

Directed by Martin Aamund, the spot also features a giant pumpkin house, a neighbor who harvests the carrots sprouting through his ceiling, a man whose beard is formed by hundreds of bees, people dancing under a small cloud that rains on them, firefighters watering tomatoes, and more.

“It’s gonna be a fine night tonight, it’s gonna be a fine day tomorrow,” people walking down the streets are singing. The lyrics are from the song “It’s a fine day,” which was, according to Christoph Everke, Creative Managing Director of Serviceplan Campaign, “impressively transformed into a contemporary arrangement with symphony orchestra and choirs”.

The organic label “Naturgut” was introduced in 2007 by PENNY to mark its entry onto the market of foods from organic agriculture.

German musician Nena, who was named campaign ambassador for PENNY Naturgut Range, achieved global success in the ’90s with her international hit single “99 Red Balloons”.

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