IKEA Nightclub with Beds Advert Song

IKEA Commercial - Couple Sleeping

IKEA puts the spotlight on sleep in the latest installment in the #WonderfulEveryday campaign.

The spot, created by agency Mother and titled “The Nightclub,” features a group of friends as they go on a night out wearing their pajamas. After grabbing a bowl of cereals, they enter a night club that turns out to be filled with IKEA beds, offering its guests the chance to “reclaim the still of the night and fall in love with sleep.” While some of the “party goers” are seen brushing their teeth, others are seen already in bed, reading a book, and others raising cups of herbal teas in the company of friends.

The soundtrack music is Roy Orbison’s 1963 single “In Dreams” from his album of the same name released the same year.

The Swedish furniture retailer is intended to train its employees on the science of sleep and for the purpose has partnered with Dr. Guy Meadows, co-founder of The Sleep School, to provide expertise in training them on the science of sleep, something that will enable them to better help people in-store. In addition, IKEA also offers a “Sleep Hub” on the UK version of the website, a tool that provides information aimed at helping people get a better night’s sleep as well as better understand their needs and find the right products for them.

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