Head & Shoulders Headstrong Commercial Song

Head & Shoulders Headstrong Commercial

Head & Shoulders encourages people to get Headstrong with Head & Shoulders dandruff shampoo in one of its latest commercials.

The spot, featuring a variety of people practicing different sports and not only, explains what “Headstrong” means. “Headstrong is determined and stubborn. Headstrong raises the bar & raises eyebrows. Headstrong is confident. Headstrong knows what it wants & won’t let anything get in the way. Not even itch. Not even flakes. Not even doubt,” onscreen lines read throughout the 45-second ad, which also shows a couple of newlyweds running a marathon, a blonde middle-aged woman riding a motorcycle, a woman having her head shaved, a couple kissing during a date, and a curly woman arriving at an important conference.

The soundtrack music is the 2017 single “Superhuman” by Campfire feat. Shane Eli.

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