Gucci Guilty Commercial Song – Jared Leto & Lana Del Rey

Gucci Guilty Commercial - Jared Leto & Lana Del Rey

Gucci has released the #ForeverGuilty campaign film for the label’s fragrances Gucci Guilty Pour Home and Gucci
Guilty Pour Femme.

Filmed in Los Angeles by Glen Luchford, the spot features Academy award-winning actor and musician Jared Leto and singer-songwriter Lana Del Rey as “individuals who live and love outside of social conformism”. Familiar American scenarios, showing the protagonists in hotels rooms, in a grocery store, in a beauty salon, in a diner, in a laundromat, and in a red convertible, are scored by a track called “The Swag” composed by Mark Cooper (aka Milton Grant) and Fred L. Wray Jr. and performed by Link Wray & The Wray Men. There are also some twists and unexpected characters, such as an ostrich (that appears in the grocery store) and a tiger (that walks in the laundromat).

The film also features a special cameo appearance from Courtney Love as a diner waitress. Alessandro Michele served as Creative Director and Christopher Simmonds as Art Director.

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