Valentine’s Day Advert – In a relationship with… Valentine's Day Commercial Girl has launched its Valentine’s Day campaign with a spot encouraging women to be in a relationship with who or whatever they want.

Titled “In a relationship with…,” the 30-second spot features several models who are in different relationships – one of them, wearing a pink T-shirt with the “Not Your Baby” text print on the front, is in a relationship with pizza, for instance. She bites from a heart-shaped pizza while dozens of other pizza boxes are stashed near her.

Another model is in a relationship with her dog, another one with clothes, another one with make up, and another one with her bed. Wearing an one-piece lingerie, the latter is seen eating chocolate candies from a heart-shop chocolate box while lounging in bed.

Throughout the ad, which is scored by a catchy tune performed by a female singer, boohoo’s range of Valentines-ready sexy lingerie, dresses and more is showcased.

boohoo’s cute Valentines Day collection includes wrap dresses, slogan T-shirts and sweatshirts, dresses, PJ sets, and a variety of bodies, strapping sets, babydolls, bras, and more.

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