Kit Kat Reverse Break Commercial Song

Kit Kat Commercial - Reverse Break

Kit Kat urges you to get a Reverse Break in its latest ad. The 15-second spot features one of the four fingers of a KitKat chocolate bar getting separated and broken in two and then going back to its original shape.

The soundtrack music is Missy Elliott’s 2002 single “Work It” from her fourth studio album, “Under Construction”.
2002 is also the year the KitKat maker, Nestle, embarked on its quest to establish a European trademark for the snack. Earlier this year, the brand lost the EU Trademark Case, the judging ruling that the four-fingered shape of the KitKat chocolate bar is not distinctive enough to be trademarked. It is not the first time a chocolate maker doesn’t get a trademark, though. In 2012, Switzerland’s Lindt & Spruengli was also dismissed for similar reasons, following the brand’s intention to protect the shape of its chocolate Easter rabbits covered in gold foil, with a red ribbon.

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