Google Assistant Macaulay Culkin Home Alone Commercial Song – Aftershave

Macaulay Culkin is home alone again, but this time he has Google Assistant to fend off bandits.

The actor of the 1980 Christmas classic stars in a new Google Assistant commercial, in which he has re-created some of his famous scenes from the movie. After discovering that his parents are not at home, he asks Google what’s in his calendar today and thus finds out that he has the house for himself. In the bathroom, after noticing that he’s out of aftershave, he asks Google Assistant to add aftershave to his shopping list, in his room, after jumping up and down on the bed, he asks Google to remind him to clean the sheets later, and from the living room he can see the pizza delivery guy at the front door, to whom he conveys – through the voice of a character from a gangster film – that he can keep the change, even if he paid online for his order. He’s also using the Google Assistant to turn down the temperature two degrees and, finally, when the burglars stop near his house, to begin “Operation Kevin,” which consists in turning on various smart devices around the house to make the intruders believe there are several people inside.

The song used in the ad is Brenda Lee’s classic Christmas song “Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree”.