BBC Two Series: People Just Do Nothing Season 5 (Trailer)


BBC Two Trailer - People Just Do Nothing Season 5

BAFTA award-winning comedy People Just Do Nothing returns to BBC this fall with its fifth and final season, airing on BBC Two for the first time. The channel has released the trailer, giving viewers a glimpse into what follows.

The mockumentary, created by Allan “Seapa” Mustafa, Steve Stamp, Asim Chaudhry and Hugo Chegwin, follows the crew and manager running a pirate radio station called Kurupt FM in West London. According to the synopsis revealed by BBC Two, the main characters will face challenging situations in series five. DJ Steves has been arrested and all the station equipment has been confiscated by the Police, situation which raises the question whether the crew can find a new home to transmit from and finally make Kurupt FM go global. MC Grindah deals with losing his family home to luxury flat developments, and Chabuddy G is in deep with an insatiable new girlfriend and full-time job.

People Just Do Nothing will also be available through BBC Three’s internet platforms.

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