Airbnb for Work Commercial Song

Airbnb for Work Commercial

Airbnb invites you to reimagine how your employees travel, connect, and collaborate with Airbnb for Work, in a new commercial.

The spot opens with a woman who grabs a cup of coffee and goes outside, in the backyard of a house, to work at her laptop, and continues with many other people who work from an Airbnb. The film aims to illustrate that Airbnb for Work helps you brainstorming with a fresh perspective, find inspiration from a mountaintop, team building from a potter’s wheel or from 130-feet up, relocating with family in mind, and feel at home, at work.

The soundtrack music is the 2014 single “Everything will be alright” by Norwegian singer, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and producer Jarle Bernhoft, professionally known as Bernhoft, from his 2014 album, “Islander”.

Airbnb for Work is a platform that allows you to find work-ready homes, with high-quality amenities, such as WiFi and a workspace, fresh linens, towels and hair dryers, self check-in and flexible cancellations. Besides top-rated homes and boutique hotels and collaborative spaces, Airbnb for Work also offers a range of team-building experiences. Among the available experiences are the chance for forge a silver ring with jewelers, to meet goats at a small farm, to make your own perfume, to learn how to make Italian pizza, to make your own glass blowing art, and more.

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