TK Maxx Christmas Advert Song – Neverending Stocking

TK Maxx Christmas TV Advert - Neverending Stocking

TK Maxx has released its Christmas advert, featuring “the gift that keeps on giving”: a neverending stocking that will help you get gifts delivered all year round.

The spot features a woman in a TK Maxx store, who finds the neverending stocking and gets to receive gifts for the rest of the year. Not only her, but also her family members, are offered all kinds of objects every month, until next Christmas.

The soundtrack is the salsa tune Cuban Pete, with a droll voiceover from Bill Nighy.

The store also offers customers a chance to win a gifts for a whole year. For this, they should find the stockings hidden (from November 7) around the chain’s stores and online, in the UK. Once they find them, they will receive a range of unique gifts every month for an entire year, beginning with this month, obviously.

Deborah Dolce, Group Brand & Marketing Director at TK Maxx said in a press statement “We love to offer our customers more than they bargained for, and the never-ending stocking seems the perfect festive way to bring that to life”.

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