SodaStream Time For A Change Fight Plastic Commercial Song – Feat. Turtle Voiced by Rod Stewart & The Mountain

SodaStream encourages people to fight plastic in one of its latest ads, titled “Time For A Change”.

The commercial opens with the board of directors of a corporation laughing out loud in a meeting room. One of the members who seems to be the Executive, informs that this quarter alone, the company sold 4 million of plastic bottles, which he calls “babies”. The next shot takes viewers into a different place, where a young woman, holding a plastic bottle with the text “Litter” on it, sings a song whose lyrics are as follows: “I’d like to live in harmony with every living thing, to spread the love and cherish all that planet Earth may bring.” She’s not the only one singing, though. Many other people join her and even a turtle carried by a giant man – who is actually Icelandic professional strongman and actor Hafthor “The Mountain” Bjornsson (cast as Ser Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane for the HBO series Game of Thrones). The turtle, voiced by Sir Rod Stewart, is also singing, raising the question “How many bottles would it take before we face the cost?”. The song continues by delivering the message that “We can’t keep using all this plastic or soon we’ll all be lost. Now it is time for a change. It’s in our hands. Now it is time for a change.” The video also features sea birds, penguins, and seals on a mountain of plastic and ends with the turtle, still held by Bjornsson, some of its fellows, and the girl in white dress entering the meeting room and asking “Have we gone mad? Why are we killing the only planet we have?”. The young woman then presents the reusable SodaStream bottle, which can save up to 2000 bottles a year, and urges everyone to “Help save the world from plastic bottles”.

The brand encourages people to sign its pledge to eliminate single-use plastic bottles, to stop using plastic bags, straws, cups and bottles, and donate now, informing that SodaStream will match every donation to the Turtle Island Reservation Network. In addition, SodaStream also funds a sea turtle tattoo to help raise awareness for the fight against plastic.

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