Smirnoff Christmas Commercial Song – Regift That Thang

Smirnoff Christmas Commercial

Vodka brand Smirnoff encourages people to start regifting this holiday season and get their friends what they really want, without spending too much money.

The spot, part of the “A Smirnoff Fun% Holiday Special” campaign, features a young man sharing his story about how he got his friend into regifting items she didn’t use anymore through a song with the following lyrics: “My holiday wish? Less expensive gifts, more cocktails. I was chilling on my girl’s Hazel couch. She was online shopping real stressed out. I said ‘Girl, stop, don’t be that way, I know where the gifts are free all day. She said ‘Wait, we’re still at my house and that’s when I pulled that ribbon out. That blouse you never wear, regift that thang. Abstract art, regift that thang. That kind of green houseplant, regift that thang. Your dad’s dad shoes, regift that thang. Then Hazel asked ‘Is this ok? You’re sure my friends won’t hate me ’til my dying day?’ I said ‘Hazel, shut up, your friends don’t care ’bout that, they just wanna get drinks and a regifted hat. A sassy home assistant, regift that thang. A really puffy jacket, regift that thang. The frame your ex was in, you better regift that thang. You see, Hazel, regifting saved the day, you ain’t even have to throw all that money away, so clear out that cart and log right off, pass me that bottle, let’s have some Smirnoff”.

Smirnoff launched the “Welcome to the Fun%” campaign earlier this year, in August, and has teamed up with several personalities, such as actor and producer Ted Danson, actress and author Jenna Fischer, LGBTQ television personality Jonathan Van Ness, LGBTQ advocate and actress Laverne Cox and comedian and actress Nicole Byer, to show that you can have fun with a quality product that everyone can afford. Chopped judge Chef Amanda Freitag, Instagram Star and YouTuber Toddy Smith, plus-size fashion designer Gabi Gregg, and celebrity Drag Queen & reality TV phenomenon Alyssa Edwards are also featured in the brand’s “Welcome to the Fun%” campaign, enjoying Smirnoff in their own ways in different fun and colourful settings.

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