Room 104 Season 2 (HBO Series) – Trailer Song

Room 104 Season 2 - Trailer HBO

HBO has released the trailer for the second season of its anthology series Room 104, set to premiere this month.

The show, created by Mark and Jay Duplass, is set in a single room of an American motel located in New York and explores a variety of characters who pass through it in each episode. Each episode is a different genre with some episodes more comical in nature and some more dramatic and some with horror and crime themes.

The trailer for the upcoming season, which will consist of 12 episodes, opens with Mahershala Ali in the room 104, telling a guy “I’m bein’ real nice about it. Gimme the dollar, please.” The latter, an overweight man wearing a grey hoodie, crumbles the banknote and puts it into his mouth, saying it tastes like chicken, which makes Ali’s character dashing towards him. Several other characters are also featured as they open the door of the motel room.

“I believe that anything is possible in this world,” another character says, while sitting on the bed near an old man tied up to a chair. “What is real? What is a ghost? What’s happening? Who’s crazy? And who’s sane?” asks Michael Shannon’s character, who is seen, in a subsequent shot, having a romantic dinner with Judy Greer’s character.

Season 2 will also feature Brian Tyree Henry, Natalie Morales, Charlyne Yi, Rainn Wilson, and more. The premiere date is slated for November 9, at 11:30pm ET.

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