NRMA Insurance Christmas Commercial Song – Girl & Pink Stuffed Rabbit Toy

NRMA Christmas Commercial - Girl & Pink Stuffed Rabbit Toy

Australian insurance company NRMA Insurance has launched its Christmas campaign, titled “Don’t Drive Naughty, Drive Nice,” delivering a simple yet serious message.

The 60-second film, rooted in the idea that the Christmas break is a notoriously dangerous time on Aussie roads, aims to remind people to drive responsibly no matter how testing traffic gets. The protagonists are a father and his little daughter, whom he picks up from school. Their ride back home has some mishaps, though, and starts right when the kid gets in the car. Trying to hug him, she is met with a “shush” because he’s having a phone conversation. She then shushes her stuffed rabbit toy, telling him that “daddy needs to work”. When they are stuck in traffic, in the city, she has another attempt to get his attention by putting a cardboard crown with reindeer antlers on his head. Stressed out, he puts it away, without thinking about her feelings. Later on, as they are on a curvy road, a phone call from the office makes the man lose his focus while still at the steering wheel, which makes the girl point out to the pink toy that they “need to do something.” Next, the stuffed rabbit is seen throwing itself between the front seats and catching, on its way down, the dad’s smartphone, which is still ringing. This helps the man to see just in time the “Stop” road sign and stop the car, avoiding thus a collision with another vehicle.

Before going back to the girl, the toy takes the opportunity to dismiss the call and leave the wallpaper, a photo of the man and his daughter, remind him the importance of being safe on the road. After a glance at the display of his phone, the father sighs, looks at the kid and then puts the phone away, in the glove compartment and places the crown on his head, before hitting the road again.

The commercial, scored by “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy” from The Nutcracker, composed by Tchaikovsky, ends with the tagline “Don’t Drive Naughty, Drive Nice” flashing across the screen.

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