KFC Chicken & Waffles Commercial Song – Colonel Kissing Giant Syrup Bottle

KFC Chicken & Waffles Commercial

KFC advertises its limited-time pairing Kentucky Fried Chicken & Waffles, set to be sold from today (November 12) through December 31, in two new spots featuring Colonel Sanders and a bottle of Mrs Butterworth syrup.

One of them, dubbed “Love At First Taste,” features the Colonel, played by actor Craig Fleming, turning around from a bunch of red roses and seeing the giant bottle of Mrs Butterworth syrup, shaped like a woman. As Jennifer Rush’s iconic song “The Power Of Love” is playing in the background, he gives a few quick glances around and then comes closer to his date, whom he tries to kiss. However, the commercial ends before viewers could actually see the kiss, with the voiceover describing the chicken and waffles pairing as “the most delicious union of all time”.

The fast-food restaurant chain offers meals including fried chicken or tenders, waffles and a side of Mrs. Butterworth’s syrup at prices that start at $5.49. Sandwich lovers will also have the chance to grab a $5.99 sandwich with two waffles in place of the bread. According to KFC, its new waffles are made with a yeast-raised dough instead of batter and include pearl sugar imported from Belgium, which makes them sweeter and doughier than American-style waffles.

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