Heathrow Airport Christmas Advert Song – Bears Going Home for Christmas

Heathrow Airport Christmas Advert - Bears

The Heathrow Bears are back. The UK airport has launched its Christmas ad, featuring Ed and Doris Bair preparing for the festivities like you’ve never seen them before.

The film opens with Edward Bair wearing a swimsuit and sunglasses and lounging on a float in the pool of a resort. A voice at the radio announces a beautiful December day and introduces a song for all those missing someone special this Christmas. In the apartment, his wife is adorning the Christmas tree and putting two presents under it in the attempt of recreating a festive spirit. After coming back from the pool and seeing the Turkey dinner boxes that should be their dinner, after turning on the air conditioning and seeing the Christmas tree fall to the floor and after talking to their kids via a video call, Ed and Doris decide to pack their stuff and fly back home, in London.

The advert, soundtracked by Paul Young’s cover version of “Everytime You Go Away” (first recorded in 1980 by the American duo Hall & Oates), included on his second album, “The Secret of Association,” ends with the tagline “Making it home makes it Christmas” flashing across the screen.

This is not the first time the Heathrow Airport pulls at the viewers’ heartstrings. The cute fluffly protagonists appeared in the airport’s Christmas ad also last year, when the story of their 50-year-long romance was told. Ed and Doris were then seen reuniting at Christmas over five decades, in the historic – and now closed – Terminal One at the West London airport, starting from the moment they first met, in 1967.

The Heathrow Bears have a dedicated section on the airport’s website, where visitors can now meet the rest of the family, including four generations of friendly paw-sonalities in the Bairs family, and send one of the shareable bears to their friends and family on Facebook Messenger and/or WhatsApp.

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