Aldi Christmas Kevin the Carrot Truck Driver Advert – Cliff Hanger

Aldi Christmas Advert - Kevin the Carrot Truck Driver

Aldi brings Kevin the Carrot back for its Christmas ad campaign. The beloved little root vegetable, that’s been through a lot in the past, has landed himself in a spot of bother this time and – according to the supermarket chain – this is just the start of his Christmas adventures.

The 40-second advert, which seems to pay homage to the famous Coca-Cola Christmas advert, sees Kevin driving an orange coloured truck down a snowy road. The vehicle, featuring Kevin’s name and face, is all lit up with large bulbs, nodding at the drinks company’s festive looking truck. Things soon take a dramatic turn as the driver spins out of control and is left hanging at the edge of a cliff.

The advert, featuring a song dedicated to Kevin the Carrot, judging by the lyrics, ends with the hashtag #SaveKevin, which means that viewers will have the chance to decide his future.

This is the third year in a row Aldi features Kevin the Carrot in its Christmas ads. In 2017, Kevin found love and, together with his partner, Katie, welcomed the arrival of three baby carrots: Jasper, Chantenay and Baby Carrot.

Aldi states it “has everything you need to make Christmas amazing,” informing that its 2018 range is “bigger and better than ever,” including delicious roasts and traditional sides, award-winning drinks, indulgent desserts, and many more. Its Christmas menu features British beef filet, 21-day matured and hand-trimmed for tenderness and flavour, specially selected British caviar, “ethically and sustainably sourced from a family-run sturgeon farm and endorsed by tops chefs and used in some of the country’s best restaurants,” Specially Selected Exquisite Chocolate Carousel, Specially Selected Methuselah Prosecco from the chain’s latest award-winning winery, Bosco Viticultori, a wine advent calendar, and more.

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