Aldi Christmas Champagne Advert Opera Song – Feat. Guy Wearing Unbuttoned White Shirt

Aldi Christmas Advert Guy

Aldi continues its Christmas campaign with a new spot, encouraging people to “Raise the bar this Christmas. Not the price” with champagne at convenient prices.

The 20-second advert opens with a young man wearing an unbuttoned white shirt and showing off his chest and toned abs. When he starts to talk, though, it turns out his voice is thready because of this underwear. “I like this champagne,” he says showing a bottle of Moet & Chandon available at Tesco for £34. “And I like this champagne,” he adds showing a bottle of Veuve Monsigny, available at Aldi for £11.49. After a few moments of silence, he adds he doesn’t like the tight underpants he’s wearing.

The spot, scored by “Casta Diva” from Vincenzo Bellini’s opera in two acts ”Norma,” performed by Jana Jonášová, ends with the onscreen lines “Raise the bar this Christmas. Not the price”.

Aldi has also been promoting, in other two ads the range of Christmas desserts, which includes Exquisite Florentines (£3.99/220g), Melting Snowflake Pudding (£5.99/450g), 18 Month Matured Christmas Pudding (£4.49/545g), and the arrival of the turkey, on December 19. While the spot dedicated to desserts features Katie the Carrot as she finds, with the help of Fairy Cake Mother, her Prince Charming, the spot dedicated to the turkey, which also showcases Aldi’s legendary mince pies and chocolate reindeer, features Kevin the Carrot as he comes to the rescue of the Little Red Riding Hood, who was in danger because of the evil Parsnip.

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