Target Australia Commercial Song – Give a Little Love This Christmas

Target Australia Christmas Commercial

Target Australia has released its Christmas commercial, encouraging people to “give a little love” this festive season.

The spot, created by AJF Partnership and directed by Stephen Carroll from Revolver, follows the journey of a Christmas gift bought by a teenage boy for his mother and forgotten on a bench. The box “travels” through the entire city, being passed from one person to another until it reaches its destination: under the boy’s Christmas tree. Thus, it is seen how a girl in a coffee shop that notices the gift box gives it to some skateboarders who then pass it on to a woman running on top of flats. The item still has a long journey ahead, with various other characters carrying it around, including a motorcyclist. When the boy arrives home, upset that he forgot the present for his mom, he is surprised to see it right under the Christmas tree, near other gift boxes.

The commercial, scored by a cover of Burt Bacharach’s single “What The World Needs Now” performed by Dionne Warwick, ends with the line “Give a little love this Christmas” flashing across the screen.

The campaign, which – according to Target’s general marketing manager, Kenton Elliot, “celebrates the joy of giving and celebrates the breadth” of the retailer’s offering, is set to run across TV, cinema, online and social media.

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