Santander Digital Investment Adviser Advert Song

Santander runs a new ad in the UK, promoting its Digital Investment Adviser tool, which is available for £20 “for every kind of investor”.

“Investing, it’s a bit of an old boys club. The dress code – strictly pinstripes. And it helps to be well-connected. City slickers, traders, and high fliers are all invited,” the voiceover says on the 30-second spot, which features a variety of people, from middle-aged men in a barbershop, a young woman wearing a striped shirt grabbing a snack from her fridge, another woman giving her order in a crowded fast-food, a group of women doing their morning run through the city streets, florists trying to get the passers-by’ attention with their flowers and a father carrying a luggage in one hand and his child in the other.

The song used in the ad is the 2016 single “Because I’m Me” by Australian electronic music group The Avalanches, taken from their second studio album, “Wildflower”.

Santander’s Digital Investment Adviser allows users to learn what type of investors they are by completing a series of questions and activities to gauge their reaction to risk. The process is simple, according to the back, which says you should first register for an Investment Hub account, log on to your Investment Hub account and click ‘Get Online Advice’ on the homepage to start, and subsequently, if the Digital Investment Adviser confirms investing is a suitable choice for you, set up the fund that has been recommended for you.