Samsung Galaxy A9 Commercial Song – 4X Fun

Samsung Galaxy A9 Commercial

Samsung introduced, at the 2018 Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event, held for the first time in Malaysia, in Kuala Lumpur, one of its newest Galaxy devices, Galaxy A9, and launched a new TV commercial, as well.

The spot, which was preceded by a teaser image with the words “4X Fun”, is titled “4x fun with the world’s first quad camera” and features a young woman managing to easily take incredible photos with her new Galaxy A9, while users of other smartphones are struggling to take photos by staying in all kinds of positions. “Go wide. Even wider,” “Go close. Real Close,” “Go sharp. Or soft,” “Go bright. Readily bright,” “Go Wide. Ultra Wide,” “4x fun with the world’s first quad camera” onscreen lines read throughout the ad, which is scored by a catchy song and shows how the four innovative camera lenses – Ultra Wide, Telephoto, Depth and 24MP main lenses – deliver epic shots in every situation.

The Samsung Galaxy A9, which also features intelligent Scene Optimiser that can identify scenes and subjects and tweak the colour, contrast and brightness for the best photo, will be available for purchase in November, in three shades – Caviar Black, Lemonade Blue and Bubblegum Pink.

At the event, Samsung also unveiled its first triple camera smartphone Galaxy A7, which also boasts, like the A9, a 24-megapixel front camera (f/2.0) with adjustable LED flash, and more.

The last Galaxy Unpacked event to announce the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 was held in New York City back in August. Samsung held its Galaxy Unpacked events in other different cities across the globe, such as London, Berlin, and Barcelona.

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