Samsung Galaxy A7 Commercial Song – Bridge Held by Giant Stone Hands

Samsung Galaxy A7 Commercial

Samsung has released a new TV commercial to showcase its first triple camera smartphone, Galaxy A7.

The ad, set to the rhythms of the 2018 single “Obsessed” by Nashville-based eclectic indie duo Danger Twins, from their latest album, “Just Got Real,” features different people taking wide angle photos with the Galaxy A7, which comes with an Ultra Wide angle lens, can see as wide as the human eye, and gives a 120-degree field of view. Thus, one Galaxy user gets hundreds of reactions of social media after posting an image that captured two guys jumping in sync into the water, from a rock, among three waterfalls, a photo of a group of dancers performing a choreography, and a group of friends who raise their hands up in the air so that it would seem they hold the Golden Bridge in Vietnam, which appears to be held by giant stone hands.

“Your world widened with the revolutionary triple camera. Introducing all new Galaxy A7” onscreen lines read at the end of the spot.

The triple camera smartphone was launched by the tech giant alongside the quad-camera sporting smartphone Galaxy A9, on October 11, at the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked global event held for the first time in Malaysia. Samsung South-East Asia & Oceania vice-president Eugene Goh said, at the event, that “These smartphones were made for the Instagram generation. They don’t just take photos, they take pictures that stand out and look real good”.

Coming in a variety of four colours – Blue, Black, Pink and Gold – the Galaxy A7 will be available in November.

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