Polo Red Rush Men’s Fragrance Commercial Song – Ansel Elgort & Curly Girl

Polo Red Rush Men's Fragrance Commercial

Ralph Lauren has released the campaign film for its Polo Red Rush Men’s Fragrance, embodied by actor and musician Ansel Elgort and model Alanna Arrington.

Elgort, who is the new face of Polo Red, is not only acting and driving a car (reminding Baby Driver fans of his role in the 2017 film) in the video but is also providing the soundtrack, his 2016 single “Home Alone”. After getting the attention of Alanna, who portrays a DJ at a party, he takes her and hit the road, speeding in a bright corvette down an L.A. highway. Later on, they switch to race two vintage Mustangs and afterward jump off a cliff and reunite in the water.

The Polo Red collection includes Polo Red Extreme, Polo Red, and Polo Red Rush. The latter is, according to the brand, “designed to energize with an overdose of freshness driven by red mandarin, boosted by fresh mint, and completed with dry cedarwood”.

Elgort, known for his roles in “The Fault in Our Stars”, the “Divergent” series and “Baby Driver,” will play the leading role in the highly anticipated film adaptation of Donna Tartt’s Pulitzer Prize–winning novel, The Goldfinch. For the Raph Lauren’s new campaign, he sat down to talk songwriting, fame, and the key to making great art. In the interview, he revealed his aunt Kristin Clotilde was one of the first models for Ralph Lauren.

Alanna Arrington is a Victoria’s Secret model who has also modeled for brands like American Apparel and Louis Vuitton.

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