GEICO Woman Arm Wrestling and Shooting Hoops Commercial

A woman makes arm wrestling while shooting hoops look easy in the latest GEICO ad, that also highlights the agents’ 24/7 availability to assist the company’s customers.

The spot features the woman, played by Mary Scheer, arm wrestling with an apparently very strong man, played by Cazzey Cereghino, and talking to the camera about her experience with GEICO. “When I was shopping for car insurance, the choice was easy. I switched to GEICO and saved hundreds. That’s a win,” she says after literally winning the fight with her opponent. She then specifies that this is not the only reason she switched and, while the camera pans, revealing that she’s shooting hoops with her other hand, adds that GEICO has licensed agents who she can reach 24/7. “Great savings and round the clock service? Now that’s a win-win,” the hero woman also says.
The commercial ends with the voiceover (Andrew Anthony) urging viewers to switch to GEICO as “It’s a win-win”.

Mary Scheer, known for playing comedic characters in sitcoms and movies, such as Freddie’s mother, Marissa Benson, on iCarly, Gladys on Disney Channel’s TV series Bunk’d and Alice the Zookeeper on The Penguins of Madagascar, was joined on set, for this ad, by other cast members, including Mike Beltran as the second arm wrestler, Ric Sarabia as the referee, Takato Yonemoto as a spectator, and Oliver Carter and Max Amor as the two Arcade teenagers.