Best Buy Smart Tree House Commercial

Best Buy Commercial - Tree House

Best Buy highlights, in a new ad running in Canada, that “Any Home Can Be Smart”.

The 30-second spot features a boy in his tree house using a series of smart devices to make his life easier. He watches on his tablet the friends coming over to his little spot, uses it to make the “door” open, which actually means dropping the rope ladder so that his guests could climb up, asks the voice-enabled speaker to “secure the predator,” which actually means having his improvised blind, featuring the text “No Parents Allowed,” lowered, so that his mom couldn’t see what he and his peers are doing inside. In this case, they are indulging themselves with lots of potato chips, whose crumbles are vacuumed by a robot vacuum cleaner.

The end of the commercial sees the kids getting out of the tree house, which is lit up by a Christmas lights set.

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