Beats by Dre: BeatsX Tom Brady Commercial Song

Beats by Dre Tom Brady Commercial

Beats by Dre has released a new commercial starring Tom Brady to advertise the BeatsX earphones.

Titled “Made To Charge And Go,” the 30-second ad features the New England Patriots quarterback charging his BeatsX earphones and using them to talk to various people over the phone for hours. Thus, he’s seen leaving a building and talking to his kid, in his hotel room, in the parking lot, always with the earphones on, keeping in touch with someone. “Made for Tom Brady” an onscreen line reads before the BeatsX earphones are shown, along with the information that they boast up to 8 hours of battery life.

The song used in the ad is “Left to Right” by American rapper Anderson .Paak.

This is not the first time Brady stars in a Beats commercial. He started appearing in advertising campaigns for the audio brand in 2016. Earlier this year, in advance of the AFC championship game, Brady appeared in the “Above The Noise” ad being assisted by the Beats headset to shut out detractors, criticism leveled, and other distractions.

“Doubt me. Distract me. Give me noise. Cause all I hear is, ‘it’s payback time.'” he says on the commercial. In He has also promoted the Powerbeats3 Wireless in a recent commercial, also scored by Anderson .Paak’s “Left to Right”.

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