Applebee’s New Neighborhood Pastas Commercial Music

Applebee's New Neighborhood Pastas Commercial

Applebee’s showcases its new Neighborhood Pastas in a new commercial, aimed at making viewers crave them.

The ad, set to the tune of Etta James’ version of the iconic song “At Last,” features the four new types of pasta in close-up, so that people could see how the hot ingredients mix together on a plate and want to treat their taste buds to at least one of them. The range includes the new Creamy Penne Pasta with Sliced Prime Rib, the new Cajun Pasta wth Blackened Shrimp, the new Chef Bulgarelli‚Äôs Stuffed Rigatoni with Tomato Meat Sauce and the new Garlic and Parsley Brushed Breadstick, that comes with all the new pasta dishes.

The new Neighborhood Pasta dishes will be available at participating restaurants for a limited-time only.

“At Last,” written by Mack Gordon and Harry Warren for the 1941 musical film “Sun Valley Serenade,” was first recorded – several times, actually, by Glenn Miller and his orchestra, and their 1942 version reached number nine on the singles chart. Rhythm and blues singer Etta James recorded her version in 1960 and used it as the title track on her debut album, “At Last!,” launched the same year. In 1999, her cover version of “At Last” was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame. Over the years, it has also been used in films, TV series, as well as commercials.

State Farm, Hoover and Jaguar are among the companies that featured James’ rendition in ads, besides Applebee’s.

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