Amazon Prime Series: Patriot Season 2 (Trailer Song)

Patriot Season 2 - Actor Terry O'Quinn

This November, Amazon’s original series Patriot returns to the streaming service with its second season, giving viewers the answers they’ve been waiting for – Will John Tavner be able to leave John Lakeman behind and save himself?

The comedy-drama show, created by Steven Conrad, revolves around intelligence officer John Tavner, who – in order to prevent Iran from going nuclear – must forgo all safety nets and assume a perilous “non-official cover”, that of a mid-level employee at a Midwestern industrial piping firm. The cast includes Michael Dorman as John Tavner, Kurtwood Smith, Michael Chernus, Aliette Opheim, Kathleen Munroe, Chris Conrad, Terry O’Quinn. Debra Winger will join the cast as Bernice Tavner, John’s mother and a high-ranking federal government official.

According to the official synopsis released by streaming service, in the upcoming season, “John must make a choice at the train platform – be free from his obligations and adversaries by letting Agathe take the money or pursue her, at great risk to himself, in an effort to protect his brother, father, and country. Meanwhile, his father presents a perilous way out of it all: find and assassinate Cantar Walley in Paris”.

In a scene included at the beginning of the trailer, Tavner is reminded how “all this” started – because he was smoking weed, then he had to borrow Dennis’s urine, then he had to stab him, and then “this detective” showed up in Milwaukee.

The song used in the trailer, which does not lack comedic situations, that involve missing fingers and a missing tooth, is called “Patriot Season 2 (Trailer Theme)” and comes from Production Music.

Season 1 of Patriot, which premiered on November 5, 2015, has been met with a positive response from critics. Season 2 will be released on BNovember 9, 2019.

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