Amazon Prime Series: Good Omens (Trailer Song)

Good Omens (Amazon Trailer) - Michael Sheen

On Saturday (October 6th), Amazon released, at New York Comic-Con, the trailer for its new series Good Omens, slated for release in 2019.

Based on Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett’s 1990 novel “Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch,” the dark comedy show is set in modern-day Britain and follows an angel named Aziraphale (Michael Sheen) and Earth’s first demon, named Crowley (David Tennant), as they join forces and work together to save the world.

Directed by Douglas Mackinnon, Good Omens also stars Jon Hamm and Miranda Richardson, who were also present at the event, taking place at the Hulu Theater at Madison Square Garden, to unveil the trailer, Anna Maxwell Martin, who plays Beelzebub, Nick Offerman, Michael McKean, and Jack Whitehall.

“We need to talkā€¦about Armageddon, yes,” Tennant’s character, Crowley, tells his “friend” Aziraphale over the phone, in one of the scenes revealed in the trailer. He meets with Azira and, in his attempt to convince him, reminds him they’ve been friends for thousands of years. As the angel tries to argue, saying they are not friends and they have nothing whatsoever in common, flashbacks of them together, over the centuries, prove the opposite.
“It’s the end of the world we’re talking about. It won’t be the war to end all wars, it will be the war to end everything,” Tennant’s character also says. In another shot, at the end of the trailer, he concludes “We’re doomed,” which makes Aziraphale answer “Well, then, welcome to the end of times”.

The song used in the trailer is Queen’s 1976 single “You’re My Best Friend”, from their fourth studio album, “A Night at the Opera,” released in 1975.

Good Omens, which is a co-production with the BBC, will be released on Amazon Prime Video next year.

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