Aerie Scotland Inspired Collection Commercial – Believe Real. Love Real. Give Real

Aerie Commercial Models

Lingerie retailer and intimate apparel sub-brand Aerie, owned by American Eagle Outfitters, showcases its new collection for the holiday season in a new ad, aimed at highlighting that, whether you travel near or far or not at all, the real holiday spirit is “about the magic you create, by just being YOU”.

The spot, filmed in Scotland, features several models of all shapes and sizes rocking pieces from the new collection, which also includes New Highlands Lace, inspired by this season’s dreamy trip to Scotland. Curvy model Iskra Lawrence, who is the global Role Model for Aerie, 18-year-old American actress, model and activist Yara Shahidi, and Instagram poet Cleo Wade, who is the newest #AerieREAL Role Model, are among the models starring in the film.

Now, Aerie offers numerous bras for $25, with free shipping and free returns, and 30% off all sweaters and leggings. Cosy, easy and soft T-necks, as well as new bralettes and many other looks are available for purchase.

In the past, Aerie has traveled to Panama and Iceland to shoot ads for its collections. Earlier this year, the American Eagle brand, which has been known for featuring women of all shapes and sizes, launched a new lingerie campaign that included women with disabilities, chronic illnesses, scars, stretch marks and are cancer survivors. Women who use insulin pumps and colostomy bags, a woman using crutches, another woman in her wheelchair are also featured.

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