2019 Movies: A Dog’s Way Home (Trailer Song)

A Dog's Way Home (2019 Movie)

The trailer for the upcoming adaptation of W. Bruce Cameron’ best-selling novel A Dog’s Way Home, which is the sequel to A Dog’s Purpose, has been released.

The drama movie follows a dog named Bella, who becomes separated by her family and embarks on a 400-mile journey to return to them.

The cast includes Ashley Judd, Alexandra Shipp and Edward James Olmos, and Bryce Dallas Howard gives voice to Bella.

“There’s one thing I know about the world. It’s not the little things that matter. It’s the tiny things,” Howard says in voiceover at the beginning of the trailer, giving voice to Bella’s inner thoughts. She then shares the story of how she met Lucas and the activities they made together over the years, until the day she got out of the house to chase a squirell and got lost. Taken by someone far away from the city she lived in with Lucas and his mother, Bella embarked on a long journey home.

“We all face things that are hard. The only thing that gets us through are the special people in our lives and I was never going to stop searching until I found mine,” Howard’s voice is also heard saying at the end of the trailer. The lines “Find your friends. Find your adventure. Find your way back home.” flash across the screen throughout the video, which features Aloe Blacc’s acoustic version of the 2013 hit single “Wake Me Up” by the Swedish DJ and record producer Avicii.

A Dog’s Way Home opens in theaters January 11, 2019.

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