Virgin Holidays Commercial Song: California Is Your Playground

Virgin Holidays Commercial - California

Virgin Holidays encourages people to visit California in a new ad, titled “California is your playground”.

The 20-second spot, part of the “The World Is Your Playground” campaign, features people discovering the Californian Coast, with its Huntington Beach, Laguna Beach, Pismo Beach,, Long Beach, Newport Beach, the Mediterranean-style town of Santa Barbara, situated at the foot of the Santa Ynez Mountains, the vibrant hippy town Santa Cruz, that’s home to the classic 1924 Giant Dipper and one of the USA’s most historic amusement parks, Monterey, which is a perfect destination for a variety of people, from families to jazz music lovers to golfers, that can head to the legendary Golf Links at Pebble Beach, and more.

“Live it,” Experience it,” “Shop it,” “Explore it,” “Star in it,” “Savour it,” “Go get it,” onscreen lines read throughout the ad, which is scored by Grace Mesa’s “How Do You Like Me Now?”.

Virgin Holidays offers people an overview on the potential destinations in California, a list of hand-picked hotels, as well as a variety of offers.

Customers can get an instant quote and book online, call a specific phone number, or find a store near them and go there for the holiday package purchase. As well as USA and Caribbean, the company offers holidays to Canada, the Far East, South Africa, the Middle East, Indian Ocean, Mauritius, plus a well-established ski programme.

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