UNIQLO Premium Lamswool Sweater Fingers Commercial

UNIQLO Fingers Commercial

UNIQLO showcases its Premium Lambswool Sweater in a dedicated ad.

The spot opens with two hands – a woman’s and a boy’s hand – playing against a beige backdrop that seems a soft desert. As the ad goes on, it turns out it was a mother wearing the Premium Lamswool Sweater on a day out in the park with her husband, her son and their dog. Onscreen lines inform, throughout the ad, that this sweater is made from 100% natural lambswool, carefully selected premium quality fiber, and offers “Premium warmth at first touch”. The price is set at $29.90 plus tax.

The woman’s husband is also wearing Premium Lambswool pieces: a turtleneck long-sleeve sweater ($ 29.90), which is available for purchase in several colors including off white, gray, black, beige and green, and a brown V-neck long-sleeve cardigan ($39.90), which is also available in several other colors including orange, black, wine, olive, blue and navy.

The Women Premium Lambswool Crewneck Sweater comes in ten different hues, from off white, natural, light pink and gray to bolder colors, like yellow, strong pink, light blue, dark green, and more. The Lamswool range for women also includes a high-neck tunic ($ 29.90), available in gray, green, navy, and purple.

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