Subway Signature Wraps Commercial Song – Old Man on Rocking Horse

Subway Commercial - Old Man on Rocking Horse

Subway advertises its Signature Wraps, which are “loaded with meat” and “packed with flavor,” in a new ad.

The 30-second spot features an old man who seems to be riding a horse in the Wild West actually riding a rocking horse in front of a store. “Ready for something exciting?” an onscreen line reads. Viewers are then urged to saddle up and shown how you wrap. The chain’s signature wraps – the Chipotle Southwest Steak & Cheese, Savory Rotisserie-Style Chicken Caesar, Turkey, and Bacon & Guacamole, featuring “double meat” and “double flavor,” are shown.

The commercial, set to the rhythms of William Tell Overture Meets Metal by Erock, ends with the tagline “Make It What You Want” flashing across the screen.

The Chipotle Southwest Steak & Cheese Wrap is made with shaved steak, Monterey cheddar, guacamole, tomatoes, lettuce, onions, peppers, jalapenos, and Chipotle Southwest sauce, all in a Tomato Basil Wrap. The Turkey, and Bacon & Guacamole comes on a Tomato Basil Wrap, as well, with turkey breast, bacon, Provolone cheese, guacamole, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and ranch. The Savory Rotisserie-Style Chicken Caesar is made with Rotisserie-Style chicken, Monterey cheddar, lettuce, tomatoes, Parmesan cheese, and Caesar sauce, all wrapped in a Spinach Wrap.

In other spots recently launched, Subway promotes its new Chipotle Cheesesteak, which is made with sunflower crunch bread, chipotle southwest sauce. Rooted in the idea that “we could all use a break from the burger,” the spots showcase the new addition to the menu, which will be available at participating location for a limited time only.

The sandwich restaurant chain took a jab at McDonald’s with a previous commercial, that also urged people to take a break from the burger while highlighting that “Burger after burger after burger can leave you feeling a little… Meh” (with the M as McDonald’s logo)”.

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