Subway Commercial Song – Take a Burger Break

Subway Commercial - Girl Eating

Subway urges people to take a break from the burger at Subway in a new ad that takes a jab at McDonald’s.

The 30-second spot, set to the rhythms of “Nothing New (Same Old Thing)” by Fats Domino – which appears on the album “Just Domino” (1962) and on the compilation album “Out of New Orleans” (1993), delivers the message that “Burger after burger after burger can leave you feeling a little… Meh” (with the M as McDonald’s logo)” and urges viewers to “Take a break from the burger at Subway with over 4.9 billion combinations, made by you. not them.” The second song used in the ad is a cover of “No Limits” by Scottish art punk band Country Teasers.

The sandwich restaurant chain has also released the SubTheBurger hashtag, but there have been voices that criticized the approach, saying that Subway also offers meat and vegetables on bread.

Subway’s “make it what you want” campaign, launched earlier this year, in February, which marks the first work from new agency Dentsu Aegis Network, debuted with a spot featuring large text cueing viewers to “make it big,” “make it epic” and so on, while on screen people are seen doing various things, like performing in a band from the back of moving truck and more. “In life and in food, don’t take what you are given,” text also reads.

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