State Farm Catastrophe Response Team Commercial – Wish You Were Here

State Farm Commercial - Wish You Were Here

State Farm highlights, in its latest ad, that it has one of the nation’s largest Catastrophe Response Teams, which will always be there for anyone in need to help recovery go right.

The spot features places devastated by a natural catastrophy and victims among ruins being helped by members of State Farm’s Catastrophe Response Team in various ways – from being held and even carried in arms to being given a hand to save their belongings and being hugged and offered pshychological support.

“Wish you were here. To see how bright the human spirit can shine, to see that no matter what nature does, people will do more. With one of the industry’s largest Catastrophe Response Teams, State Farm will always be among the first to arrive and the last to leave to help show that Human Nature is greater than Nature,” the voiceover says on the 30-second ad, adding, at the end, the tagline “State Farm – Here to help recovery go right”.

State Farm says its weather and catastrophe response team is the largest disaster response team in the insurance business. Mobilized and ready to go 24/7, the company’s specially trained catastrophe team is available in person and on the phone, day and night.

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